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The Hot Jobs! List

If you’re in the market for a new job, this is the list for you. The Hot Jobs! list can help guide you to new employment in a high-demand career. We’ve analyzed online job posting data and surveyed employers to create a list of the 100 highest-growing and most in-demand jobs in West Michigan.

  • These occupations meet the criteria for Michigan Works! training scholarships.
  • The agriculture industry, including farming and food production, accounts for nearly 10,000 jobs and $300 million in labor income in the region. Many of the high-demand occupations within agriculture overlap other industries.
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   PositionsMedian Hourly Earnings2014-24 Projected Growth #2014-2024 Projected Growth %2014-24 Total Annual OpeningsMinimum Education or Training Requirements
Civil Engineers$35.4113014.8%
39Bachelor's Degree, License
Construction Laborers$17.171,01021.8%
194Short-Term OJT
Construction Managers$40.7216511.2%
37Bachelor's Degree, License, Moderate-Term OJT
Cost Estimators $28.4721516.8%
58Bachelor's Degree
114Apprenticeship, License
Environmental Engineers$41.084021.1%
9Bachelor's Degree
First-Line Supervisors of Construction Trades and Extraction Workers$29.2341019.4%
58License, ≥ 5 year work experience
Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers$22.3431522.8%
53Certificate, Long-Term OJT
Plumbers, Pipefitters and Steamfitters$30.5837520.2%
   PositionsMedian Hourly Earnings 2012-2022Projected Growth # 2014-2024Projected Growth % 2014-20242014-24 Total Annual OpeningsMinimum Education or Training Requirements
Clinical, Counseling and School Psychologists$34.1010016.7%
23Doctoral or professional degree, License, Internship
Dental Hygienists$29.421108.3%
33Associate Degree, License
Dentists, General$81.116011.7%
16Doctoral or professional degree, License, Residency
Diagnostic Medical Sonographers$29.2314532.6%
22Associate Degree, Certification
Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics$14.3312019.5%
222Certification, License
Healthcare Social Workers$25.8223022.2%
48Master's Degree, License
Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses$22.362559.9%
Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians$15.3120020.2%
44Associate Degree, Certificate, License
Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technologists$27.5021020.3%
46Bachelor's Degree, Certificate, License
Medical and Health Services Managers$44.4637019.3%
85Bachelor's Degree, ≤ 5 years work experience
Medical Assistants$14.3545017.3%
Medical Equipment Preparers$16.776523.2%
12Moderate-Term OJT, Certificate
Medical Records and Health Information Technicians$17.2010517.9%
Medical Secretaries$15.7435017.6%
56Moderate-Term OJT, Certificate
Mental Health Counselors$22.309513.5%
24Master's Degree, License, Internship
Nurse Practitioners$46.7410033.3%
17Master's Degree, License
Nursing Assistants$13.711,29016.2%
Occupational Therapists$35.3625026.5%
43Master's Degree, License
37Doctoral or professional degree, License
Pharmacy Technicians$14.1618512.5%
32Certification, License, Moderate-Term OJT
Physical Therapist Assistants$23.3930537.2%
54Associate Degree, License
Physical Therapists$40.3150531.7%
94Doctoral or professional degree, License
Physician Assistants$47.4416527.0%
31Master's Degree, License
Physicians and Surgeons, All Other$89.5515516.3%
41Doctoral or professional degree, License, Internship
Radiologic Technologists$25.3313014.2%
30Associate Degree, Certification
Registered Nurses$32.433,27523.9%
650Bachelor's Degree, License
Respiratory Therapists$26.7515524.4%
31Associate Degree, License
Social and Community Service Managers$32.9310514.3%
30Bachelor's Degree, ≥ 5 years work experience
Speech-Language Pathologists$35.409514.6%
55Master's Degree, License
Surgical Technologists$20.8413522.0%
   PositionsMedian Hourly Earnings2014-24 Projected Growth #2014-2024 Projected Growth %2014-2024 Total Annual OpeningsMinimum Education or Training Requirements
Computer and Information Systems Managers$56.1712513.6%
23Bachelor's Degree, ≥ 5 years work experience
Computer Occupations, All Other$35.897510.3%
16Bachelor's Degree
Computer Systems Analysts$40.7730522.8%
47Bachelor's Degree
Computer User Support Specialists$22.9544015.9%
80Some college, no degree
Database Administrators$41.103510.9%
10Bachelor's Degree, ≤ 5 years work experience
Graphic Designers$21.64554.8%
33Bachelor's Degree
Information Security Analysts$42.322022.2%
3Bachelor's Degree, ≤ 5 years work experience
Management Analysts$35.1226519.4%
45Bachelor's Degree, ≤ 5 years work experience
Network and Computer Systems Administrators$35.0614510.8%
31Bachelor's Degree
Software Developers, Applications$39.7941024.4%
65Bachelor's Degree
Software Developers, Systems Software$40.5313011.0%
30Bachelor's Degree
Telecommunications Equipment Installers and Repairers, Except Line Installers$25.26304.5%
Web Developers$29.5711027.2%
16Associate Degree
   PositionsMedian Hourly Earnings2014-24 Projected Growth #2014-2024 Projected Growth %2014-24 Total Annual OpeningsMinimum Education or Training Requirements
Chemical Technicians$21.19257.5%
12Associate Degree, Moderate-Term OJT
Computer Numerically Controlled Machine Tool Programmers, Metal and Plastic$23.5415033.0%29
Long-Term OJT, Certification
Computer-Controlled Machine Tool Operators, Metal and Plastic$16.9698533.7%
Moderate-Term OJT, Certification
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technicians$26.27707.4%
30Associate Degree
Electrical and Electronic Equipment Assemblers$13.59956.0%
30Moderate-Term OJT
Electrical Engineers$41.3312011.0%
36Bachelor's Degree
Engineers, All Others$42.779011.6%
25Bachelor's Degree, License
First-Line Supervisors of Mechanics, Installers and Repairers$30.1930011.2%
84Certificate, License, ≤ 5 years work experience
First-Line Supervisors of Production and Operating Workers$28.635108.3%
149Certificate, License, ≤ 5 years work experience
General and Operations Managers$47.401,00010.8%
335Bachelor's Degree, ≥ 5 years work experience
Industrial Engineering Technicians$23.231308.3%
52Associate Degree
Industrial Engineers$40.9553012.6%
176Bachelor's Degree, License
Industrial Machinery Mechanics$24.4691531.9%
166Long-Term OJT, Apprenticeship, Certification
Industrial Production Managers$51.951506.5%
81Bachelor's Degree, ≥ 5 years work experience
Industrial Truck and Tractor Operators$15.0748511.8%
151Short-Term OJT, Certificate
Inspectors, Testers, Sorters, Samplers and Weighers$15.3563010.0%
222Moderate-Term OJT
10Bachelor's Degree
244Long-Term OJT, Apprenticeship, Certification
Maintenance and Repair Workers, General$16.797159.9%
261Long-Term OJT, Apprenticeship, Certification
Mechanical Engineers$41.6134013.0%
117Bachelor's Degree, License
Mixing and Blending Machine Setters, Operators and Tenders$17.22858.5%
30Moderate-Term OJT
Production Workers, All Others$16.4737014.3%
90Moderate-Term OJT
Production, Planning and Expediting Clerks$22.9621511.1%
75Moderate-Term OJT, Certification
Purchasing Agents, Except Wholesale, Retail and Farm Products$30.991959.4%
77Bachelor's Degree
Team Assemblers$15.412,02010.2%
628Moderate-Term OJT
Welders, Cutters, Solderers and Brazers$17.5032012.5%
105Moderate-Term OJT, Certification
   PositionsMedian Hourly Earnings2014-24 Projected Growth #2014-2024 Projected Growth %2014-24 Total Annual OpeningsMinimum Education or Training Requirements
Accountants and Auditors$31.1564014.8%180Bachelor's Degree, License
Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics$17.812607.2%123Certificate, Short-Term OJT
Bus and Truck Mechanics and Diesel Engine Specialists$20.1518513.3%42Long-Term OJT, Certification
Customer Service Representatives$15.321,66511.8%
513Short-Term OJT
Educational, Guidance, School and Vocational Counselors$24.47859.7%
27Master's Degree
Financial Analysts$36.465010.2%
15Bachelor's Degree
Financial Managers$50.5423010.6%
74Bachelor's Degree, ≥ 5 years work experience
First-Line Supervisors of Food Preparation and Serving Workers$14.4947512.3%
162≤ 5 years work experience, Certificate recommended
First-Line Supervisors of Non-Retail Sales Workers$32.651658.8%
38≤ 5 years work experience
First-Line Supervisors of Office and Administrative Support Workers$25.3249510.3%
122Work Experience
First-Line Supervisors of Personal Service Workers$16.1812512.0%
32≤ 5 years work experience
Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers$19.079707.6%
313Certificate, Short-Term OJT
Human Resources Specialists$27.281859.6%
65Bachelor's Degree
45Doctoral or professional degree, License
Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists$28.8144022.8%
67Bachelor's Degree
Parts Salespersons$15.232609.4%
87Moderate-Term OJT
Postsecondary Teachers$76,230*15010.3%
41Doctoral or professional degree, License
Sales Managers$58.371407.8%
56Bachelor's Degree, ≤ 5 years work experience
Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing, except Technical and Scientific Products $28.211,0559.0%
347Moderate-Term OJT
Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Technical and Scientific Products$37.451009.3%
32Bachelor's Degree, Moderate-Term OJT
Training and Development Specialists$27.4211513.5%32Bachelor's Degree, ≤ 5 years work experience

*Annual wage